Graphs showing distribution of future elevation and vegetation biomass of the domain with a milder upland slope and a steeper upland slope
Y Zhang; D Svyatsky; J Rowland; D Moulton; Z Cao; P Wolfram; C Xu; D Pasqualini
Water Resources Research 58
Three world map views with color shading to show climatological tropical cyclone season mean rainfall from TCs, sea surface salinity response to TCs, and sea surface temperature response to TCs
K Balaguru; G Foltz; R Leung; S Hagos
Geophys. Res. Lett. 49
Impacts of urbanization and irrigation on distributions of sea-level pressure and wind at 700 hectopascals (hPa) during summer.
J Li; Y Qian; R Leung; Z Feng; C Sarangi; Y Liu; Z Yang
Geophys. Res. Lett. 49
Schematic of urban impact on weather and climate.
Y Qian; TC Chakraborty; J Li; D Li; C He; C Sarangi; F Chen; X Yang; R Leung
Advances in Atmospheric Sciences 39(6)
Cell areas in proximity of the variable mesh resolution zone, shown with mesh displayed
G Capodaglio; M Petersen
Journal of Computational Physics 449
Collection of three images showing the location, surface elevation, and slope distribution of the Columbia River Basin.
C Liao; T Zhou; D Xu; R Barnes; G Bisht; H Li; Z Tan; T Tesfa; Z Duan; D Engwirda; R Leung
Advances in Water Resources 160
Simulation of depth of actual Hurricane Harvey flood in a South Houston neighborhood (top) and of the counterfactual flood without the current amount of climate change (bottom).
M Wehner
UNESCO Mathematics for Action Report pp37-38
Series of world maps with colored indicators titled "GWLs triggering a 100-fold increase in the 100-year ESL frequency"
C Tebaldi; R Ranasinghe; M Vousdoukas; D Rasmussen; B Vega-Westhoff; E Kirezci; R Kopp; R Sriver; L Metaschi
Nature Climate Change 11
Schematic of interconnected components of coastal adaption science framework, depicting natural system stressors, their impacts, and infrastructure optimization responses
D Pasqualini; J Rowland
US CLIVAR Variations Fall 2020 18(3)